1.0 bugs for the Europython grok sprint

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I looked through the Grok buglist with Jan-Wijbrand today. Goal:

  • Get a short list of bugs as focus for the Europython Grok sprint.

  • Find the bugs that really move 1.0 forwards.

  • Find bugs that are probably doable in two days.

I’ve tagged all five bugs we selected with “europython2009” so that they’re easy to find:

  • Splitting grok.CodeView (with just a render() method, so something that programmatically returns output) out of grok.View (which only retains its @template and loses the render() method) ought to simplify the code a lot and open up the way for the last couple of fixes that are needed in this area for 1.0.

  • grok.require() effectively falls back to the zope.Public permission. zope.Public isn’t something you can take away. If we set the default to zope.View, we can easily close everything to anonymous visitors.

  • Having one templates/ directory for a couple of modules is handy, but buries you under unnecessary warnings at the moment.

  • XMLRPC in combination with WSGI is broken. Can we (help) fix/debug it?

  • For WSGI when using development mode, something’s fishy with logging in. Loads of comments on the bug, so with that we ought to nail it during the sprint.

For all your grok sprint info, see my previous Grok sprint at Europython 2009 blog entry (which I updated with the sprint location).

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