Timely z3c.testsetup update

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We’re using z3c.testsetup for quick and easy test setup. I wrote about our test setup with layers and z3c.testsetup a few weeks ago. We’ve had problems with that specific setup and I’ve spend a day devising a new setup and implementing it in three projects.

  • With the customary ftesting.zcml in the tests/ directory, I’m using the functional-zcml-layer marker to point at that file. If z3c.testsetup sees this, it sets up a functional testing layer for that ftesting.zcml file.

  • Other tests need some additional setup (in my case grokking of some extra fixtures). A fixtures.zcml includes the ftesting.zcml and does the extra work. The tests with functional-zcml-layer: fixtures.zcml are run on a different functional test layer.

  • A setup method sets up globals for the testcase. Another setup method also sets up a demo site and some users. Depending on the needs, I put a setup: path.to.setup_method in my doctest and everything is set up just fine.

The top of such a doctest looks like:

.. :doctest:
.. :functional-zcml-layer: ftesting.zcml
.. :setup: path.to.setup_method

Now for the timely update I mentioned in the title. We also have a test script that runs the tests of the project itself plus many dependencies. And z3c.testsetup mixed up two test layers that both pointed at ftesting.zcml. project1/ftesting.zcml and project2/ftesting.zcml, but they got treated as one and the same test layer. Sigh.

But just today, z3c.testsetup 0.4 was released that fixes this very issue. A patch by Jonathan Ballet. Thanks a lot! Just-in-time bug fixing :-)

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