Grok sprint at Europython 2009

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At Europython 2009 in Birmingham there will be a Grok sprint. 7 people have already registered for the sprint!

For those attending and those thinking about it:

  • See the Europython sprint wiki page for the list of participants. If you want to attend just add yourself to that list, that’s all there is to it. Alternatively mail me at and I’ll add you.

  • The sprint will be on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 (July) after the main conference. Suggestion: leave on Sunday morning, not Saturday afternoon when practical. That way you get a full sprint day on Saturday and we get to hang out for dinner/pub/whatever afterwards.

  • If you’ve got specific interests: put them on that wiki page (there’s “megrok/z3cform” on there now) or propose it on the grok mailing list. Personally, I’m planning to help with whatever is needed for a 1.0 final release (and personally I think that has to be the main focus of the sprint). There are some loose ends to tie up and some bugs to close. I’ll shout around on the mailinglist to get a proper overview of what needs doing.

  • Sprint location (updated 2009-07-02). On friday: at the conference center itself. Assemble between 9:00 and 9:30. On saturday: CBSO Centre, Berkley Street. 7 minutes walk from the main conference site. (See google maps).

  • Administrative detail: if you don’t have zope svn commit access yet, could you try and obtain that before the sprint? Otherwise you won’t be able to do svn commits. Of course we’ll pair program, so if you don’t have access it is no problem. A sprint is a good reason to try and obtain access, however: I’ve got access since the grokkerdam sprint :-)

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