Contact lenses day 6 and 7 (updated)

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Going to the you-have-them-for-one-week-now contact lenses checkup tomorrow morning. The last two days I had them in all the time which was no problem. Looking over my previous entries and today’s experience I have the following questions and observations tomorrow:

  • Field of vision is improved. For that, contact lenses are the jackpot.

  • My eyes are pretty dry most of the time. Keeping them moist is more of a chore than I expected. Is it hay fever? Is it just getting used to them? Is it a problem? It can take quite some effort to clear the lenses enough to have 100% vision.

  • I’m not happy with my right eye. The strength or cylinder seems off. I cannot focus well at all. Nearby or far away: it is never as clear as the left eye.

If the problems can be fixed, I think I’ll be happy with my lenses. The field of vision and lack of distortion around the edges makes them much preferable to glasses in my case.

Update: I just had my checkup:

  • My right lens has a cylinder, so it has to be placed in my eye the right way up. The bottom part is heavier, so even when it is in the wrong way, it is supposed to right itself automatically with a few blinks. Well, I had it in completely upside down: apparently I don’t pay enough attention to it. And it did not right itself, being a bit stuck under my eyelid. After putting it in the right way my vision was a bit clearer.

  • He’s going to order a new lens for my right eye, switching from -4.5 to just -4 as that seems a better number. Which is an advantage of contact lenses: it is cheap to switch lenses that way. You do not want a regular change of regular glasses-glasses. They’re way more expensive.

  • There are no problems with the lenses as such. He didn’t see any irritation or damage or other problems. So with the upcoming change I should be all set. logo

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