Handy collective.buildbot additions

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We run buildbot via a buildout recipe. I just switched our buildbot from a trunk checkout of collective.buildbot to the latest 0.3.4 version. The two reasons why I used trunk (which are now in 0.3.4):

  • vcs-mode option (added by Sidnei). The good thing is that you can now say vcs-mode=clobber, which means your project’s svn checkout is deleted every time before buildout tries to build your project. Always fresh. And no more left-over junk which you could get if you removed an svn:externals, for instance.

  • Just a documentation issue: email-notification-recipient should be email-notification-recipients. So the plural form. There was some documentation mismatch on this issue once. (Which tripped me up).

The clobber mode is worth the upgrade to 0.3.4!

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