Third day with contact lenses

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  • Getting them into my eye took 9 minutes today. Looking up did not help, btw. Seems I have to try a couple of approaches and just settle on the best one and practice the xyz out of it.

  • Even when wearing glasses yesterday, I was inconvenienced by dry eyes. Almost sure it was hay fever that made my eyes feel so dry during the morning instead of contact lenses as such.

  • Wore them for 9 hours today. No real problems, except for some hay fever itchiness. I did start to wonder about the strength/cylinder of the right eye, perhaps some adjustment is needed there. It doesn’t seem to do that well in the distance. On the other hand, closing the eye a couple of times clears up the lens sometimes, giving me near 100% visibility. I’ll wait a couple of days before passing a verdict. logo

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