Contact lenses: second day

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Okay, the second day of wearing lenses: 6 hours. (See the first entry on why I’m trying contact lenses).

  • For me this is actually the worst possible season for starting wearing contact lenses: hay fever. Every year it is less of a bother so I didn’t even think about it. Today, my eyes were more irritated than normal. Dry, difficult to keep them lubricated. Is it the hay fever? Wearing contact lenses as such? Walking around most of the morning in an Ikea with a dry atmosphere? Don’t know. In the afternoon, it was better.

  • Getting them in: took 10 minutes. I even dropped one of the lenses on the floor, sigh… Note to self: try it looking upwards tomorrow. Till now I put them in by looking downwards towards my desk. Getting them out after wearing them for 6 hours took just one minute.

  • Visibility is good. I can see everything well. My brain still has to adjust the in-between-eyes cooperation, though. I just put on my glasses and some of the adjustment apparently already happend as my brain had to noticeably re-adjust back to glasses :-)

  • Did a bit of cycling: pay-off! One of the advantages I hoped for was improved field of vision: that advantage is fully realised. Great.

Tomorrow: 9 hours. Pretty positive about them right now. logo

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