Static lxml recipe: watch out for zc.recipe.cmmi update

Tags: buildout, plone, grok

When you use the handy static lxml recipe you might have gotten a KeyError: 'url' in self.options since about yesterday.

Reason: zc.recipe.cmmi has been updated and now needs that url option. Two possible solutions:

  • Update to 0.7.1 of z3c.recipe.staticlxml.

  • Pin zc.recipe.cmmi to 1.1.6.

Just for completeness sake: z3c.recipe.staticlxml works fine on osx as far as I have seen. All the problems that I had with lxml are solved with the latest versions of this recipe. Do take care of calling the recipe early enough in your parts list, that’s the key. Highly recommended for your lxml needs! logo

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