Star trek 2009

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I watched the latest star trek movie with my brother last friday: good movie. Some thoughts (without overtly big spoilers):

  • First contact is still the best of the star trek movies. This 2009 movie has to duke it out with movie #6 (undiscovered country) for the second place. So: unreservedly good.

  • The alternative timeline thingy that they’ve spung on us: I don’t like that. It does give the new director the opportunity to do some new movies with the original cast with an stamp of himself on it. As I like the way the characters came out of this movie, I’m giving him the benefit of doubt.

  • I had lots of fun watching the characters. The characters of the original crew have been given an overhaul. And their introduction was good. Especially doctor McCoy.

If you liked several of the star trek movies: go see this one. logo

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