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I’ve done a round of updating on my website: some pretty big changes!

  • No more Plone. My website has always been, till now, plain Zope or Plone. Especially when working full-time with Plone, I used my own website to test out things (like buildout recipes, project structure, etc.). Eat your own dogfood! Plone lovers, don’t despair: I’ve still got my church website and I’ll probably start a new Plone website in the next few months.

  • Generated with Sphinx. Great tool to generate documentation and, with some tweaks, also for generating my personal website including the weblog. I added two custom restructuredtext constructs, one for tags and one for easily including my smugmug images. And a script that goes through my weblog folder structure and generates the appropriate index pages, tag pages and atom feeds.

  • Deliverance in front of the sphinx-generated static text files. With Deliverance, you make a separate layout (html with some dummy text and with some css + image files) and you configure Deliverance to use that layout for your sources (in my case the static sphinx text files and some LaTeX and docbook generated html documents). For a deliverance explanation, see a 2007 introduction by Rob Miller.

It works. It is fast. I need to do a number of small fixes. Tweak the layout a bit. Add a load of redirects to my apache config. But I’ve got a fresh new website that I can handily maintain while sitting offline in the train :-) logo

About me

My name is Reinout van Rees and I work a lot with Python (programming language) and Django (website framework). I live in The Netherlands and I'm happily married to Annie van Rees-Kooiman.

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