Model M keyboard ps/2 to usb adapterΒΆ

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I use the only real keyboard. The one with the click. The IBM model M. Actually, one of those I have is new, from unicomp. The keyboard was in my backpack the first day I started my new job. Of course.

They all have a ps/2 connection, so you need a usb adapter to use them on modern hardware. I got a question about which adapter I use as not all adapters work well. Apparently the keyboard needs quite some power and most adapters don't like that.

The one I've used for many years (two at home and one at work) is the digitus USB 1.1 - PS/2 adaptor. So if someone needs such an adapter: this is one I know to work well.

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"Thanks" by on 2009-03-11 12:37:49
I've recently found the way back to the light side of the force and dusted off my old Model M. I got it with my IBM 386 computer some 15 years ago. At that time it was already old and had served years of endurance work at a law firm secretary's desk. It still works brilliantly today and beats any keyboard out there. I now even loathe working on that Apple flat keyboard I have in the office. I'm just afraid to replace it with a Model M and bring on the wrath of my colleagues (noise!).

Thanks for your tip regarding the adapter, by the way. It works brilliantly. logo

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