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Moving to a new laptop means downloading all sorts of programs again. So I put the most important apps I use in an overview .

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"Defragmentation 2" by reinout on 2009-02-21 19:33:13
Actually, a colleague explained it wasn't so much the splitted Data.fs file that makes the difference. It are all those directories chock-full of small files that plone uses. idefrag optimizes those directories and directory entries: they're all right next to each other on the harddisk. The OS can easily pre-load a whole chunk of harddisk in one go.
"Defragmentation" by reinout on 2009-02-19 01:50:50
Defragmentation: my harddisk is often 80-90% full. And I work a lot with zope Data.fs files that are 100-1000 MB in size. When those files are split into 50+ parts due to fragmentation, you *do* notice it in your performance.

When I defragged my harddisk after a year of solid use, it *did* feel speedier. Not "twice as fast" speedier, but I'd say some 20%.
"defrag, twitter client" by http://lucius.myopenid.com/ on 2009-02-19 01:41:13
Defragging's real world (as opposed to test lab) benefit is iffy on Windows, and I've never seen it in my time using a MacBook Pro. Why do you think it's useful?

For another free twitter (acutually, it's multi-social-blogging-network aware, which is rather nice), try chirp.

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