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As I'm switching jobs, I was asked to dump my cachefu knowledge in documentation. Pretty funny to do and probably useful for others, too. So here are the three parts:

There's just one problem I have at the moment: the varnish commandline-purge command in that last document doesn't seem to be working when I try it... Anyone got a hint?

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"Thanks!" by on 2009-02-19 22:47:49

This documentation is incredibly helpful. I only wish that it had existed a few years ago when I was learning much of this. Of course, I still learned new things now. This must have been a huge amount of work, so thanks for that effort. I think many people will learn a lot from this. Hopefully, it benefits Zest as well by carrying forward all your learning to others internally.
"thanks for the tip" by reinout on 2009-02-18 22:34:07
Thanks Jens, for the tip. I'll try it out tomorrow morning. It'll be useful :-)
"ad Debugging" by on 2009-02-18 19:38:28
Sometime ago I had the problem to find out why varnish did not cache as I expected it. I modified the vcl files a bit and added new headers telling me whats going on. I added this feature to plone.recipe.varnish. Since this time the recipe generates the vcl with 'verbose-headers' if it is set to 'on' in buildout. You can use it outside buildout as well ;-)

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