lxml on osx problem: something to tryΒΆ

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I'm among the multitudes of osx users that wasted loads of time getting lxml to run. The last quote I saw is from Eric Steele : Unfortunately, I wound up wasting half a day trying to fix a broken install of lxml on OSX, before giving up and creating a new Ubuntu VM through Parallels.

There are a couple of buildout recipes for static compilation of lxml. Not one, but several. And lxml itself also has some --yeah-bloody-well-fully-static compile option. Not one of them worked for me. When my zope crashed, I got an OSX crash dialog. When inspecting the more-or-less traceback, I noticed that most of the lxml-related items appeared to come from the statically compiled version, apart from calls to libgcry_. That's part of libgcript, a general purpose cryptographic library. I assume it is used for signing pdfs or so when generated from xslt or something non-zope-related like that.

Solution in my particular case: deactivate libgcrypt in macports... I've seen libgcrypt working perfectly with lxml on someone else's laptop, so it is not a sure-fire way for sure.

IF your python or zope crashes with an osx crash dialog, you can be sure there's some linked C library that is crying abuse. I still have no actual clue why removing libgcrypt made a static lxml more static (yes, I needed to recompile first), but anyway... Perhaps this helps someone in figuring out his weird error combination...

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"Even that didn't work" by reinout on 2009-02-13 01:18:46
z3c.recipe.staticlxml was one of the recipes that I tried. And that failed. I know it sounds ridiculous. Static sounds pretty static, right? What dynamic loading can go wrong?

But it was still the removal of libgcrypt that made it all work for me. And I got a confirmation in irc of someone who was also baffled by a non-working static lxml: for him, too, removing libgcrypt resolved the issue.
"Recipe" by http://robgietema.myopenid.com/ on 2009-02-10 15:54:18
The recipe z3c.recipe.staticlxml also works perfect on OS X
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