New job: the health agencyΒΆ

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Hurray, I've got a new job at the health agency ! I just got my signed contract and I'll start there at the end of February.

What will I be doing? Compared to my current job:

  • No plone . That will be a big change after almost 4 years of full-time plone work.
  • Still zope3 libraries and python. I love python. I hope to attend Europython again this year.
  • Loads more grok, that'll be nice. I actually got to know the health agency at the last grokkerdam sprint .
  • Did I mention I'm still programming?
  • 15 minutes less travel time one-way, so 30 minutes saved per day. Still quite a lot of time remaining, so I'm going to keep working from home part of the time.
  • Work with a longer timeframe compared to my current for-various-clients work. I'm pretty sure I'll like that. You get a better payback on refactoring, testing, automation, etc. which suits me.
  • Whole new territory, so lots of opportunity for learning new things and mastering new skills.

I'm excited :-)

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"Congrats!" by on 2009-01-19 02:16:11
You can quit the Plone job, but hopefully never quit the Plone! :-)
"Congratulations!" by on 2009-01-17 23:59:02
New jobs are always very exciting.

Hope to still see you post Plone-related stuff on your site. :) logo

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