Neal Morse in ZoetermeerΒΆ

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Wow, great progressive rock concert by Neal Morse last night in Zoetermeer. For a quick impression (of the type of music and of Neal Morse) I'd look at the youtube trailer of the new dvd . A couple of comments:

  • Man, it looked like a plone conference. At least 3, possibly 4 Apple laptops on stage. And one behind the mixer table. Gotta give Apple credit for having a translucent white apple on the back side (and thus the audience-facing side) of the display :-)

Neal Morse in Zoetermeer

  • I got an email from a friend asking "what have you done to end up in the credits of the last CD?". I thought he was joking, but my name's really in there. Two photos were used in the special edition CD's booklet. That's the benefit you get from putting photos on with a creative commonse attribution license .
  • Elisa Krijgsman was last night's guitarist. Some simple chords on an accoustic guitar is all I manage. But I got asked by the pianist to help him with a youth service in church tonight. And two of the songs we'll sing are written by... Elisa Krijgsman. I like coincidences :-)
  • I watched the "making of the DVD" section of the last live DVD. I was struck with the way Neal talks about his faith, practices his faith, lives his faith. It got me thinking. I take my faith seriously, but there's whole levels of seriousness I haven't taken yet. Especially time-wise, I've got to get more consistent.

Anyway, great concert! logo

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