Infrae.subversion additionsΒΆ

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Last week I added two extra options to the infrae.subversion buildout recipe. Update 2008-10-31: included in the current 1.4 release . First the small one, then the biggie:

  • location allows you to set the target directory. So instead of BUILDOUT/parts/productcheckouts you can get BUILDOUT/our_products.
  • as_eggs: add an as_eggs = true option to your infrae.subversion part and the checked out directories will get installed as development eggs. Woohoo!

We like to keep the configuration mostly in buildout, so one of the last things left was the BUILDOUT/src directory with its svn:externals. In the new situation, we use infrae.subversion for that:


 recipe = infrae.subversion
 urls = my.product my.theme
 location = src
 as_eggs = true

 eggs =

You can use it to advantage in a production checkout, too. It'll be virtually the same, apart from using a tag checkout instead of a trunk checkout. An alternative to setting up your own password-protected egg store and allowing username/password downloads from buildout. logo

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