Web development tip: easily clear cache in firefoxΒΆ

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Sometimes a small thing works out nicely: clear cache button adds a button (which you can drag to firefox' main toolbar) that empties your browser cache.

Yes, it is also there in a menu of the developer toolbar. Or down a few levels in the normal menus. But having it right there in your main toolbar is elegant. And more reliable than forced reloads and so.

(Source: Ricardo mentioned it on the cachefu mailinglist).

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"the problem with forced reload" by http://newbery.myopenid.com/ on 2008-10-23 07:02:30
One problem with a forced reload, i.e. ctl+shift+R (or cmd+shift+R on OSX), is that Firefox will send a Cache-Control:no-cache header along with the reload request which forces the request through *all* intermediate caches that obey the specs. This makes it difficult to observe the response of your system to an ordinary request. The Clear Cache Button is better for this purpose.

"My personal preferences" by http://tiberiu.ichim.myopenid.com/ on 2008-10-22 12:20:14
ctrl+shift+R never failed me. Usually it's the other way around, I want nothing but the html page to be loaded, so I switch to the location bar with ctrl+L or alt+d and hit Enter (I like the "Go" function so much that I was upset when its button dissapeared in FF3, but I found a solution: http://nancib.wordpress.com/[...]/ )
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