Macports: downgrading subversionΒΆ

Tags: python, plone

(Credits for figuring it out go to colleague Fred van Dijk.)

Subversion 1.5 (the latest one) wreaks havoc in combination with python's setuptools. Accidentally I upgraded my macports subversion by upgrading a different package. And I could not find a way do get my 1.4 back. Fred found out how to downgrade something, assuming you have an older version still around.

  • sudo port installed | grep subversion

That gives you something like:

  subversion @1.4.5_0
  subversion @1.4.6_0
  subversion @1.5.0_1 (active)

  • sudo port deactivate subversion @1.5.0_1
  • sudo port activate subversion @1.4.6_0

Now subversion is back at trusty old 1.4.

One thing we don't know yet: how to find a list of available ports? Can you still download an older version of a port somewhere? Is there a list? Please comment if you know :-) logo

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