collective.recipe.backup: multiple Data.fs filesΒΆ

Tags: plone, buildout

Sometimes it makes sense to split your Data.fs file into more than one file. The most common case (though even that does not occur often) is to split out the catalog into a catalog.fs.

So I got two requests "does collective.recipe.backup support that?". One of them was internally from zest software :-) So I sat down today to add it. The solution is easy: just make a number of repozo backups after each other, one for each file. They're not 100% in sync that way, but I could not find support in repozo to do it in any other way.

The explanation is in the documentation . Basically you just list catalog in the additional_filestorages option, that backs up BUILDOUT/var/filestorage/catalog.fs into BUILDOUT/var/backups_catalog/ (with the default settings, that is).

So... enjoy it if you need it. logo

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