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Six feet up just submitted a whole lot of sites to . As every submission now ends up in the reviewers' mailbox (via the cmfnotifications product), my mailbox was pretty effectively spammed :-) Time to look at the numbers again!

Wow, now has a whopping 1186 sites from 255 providers. That's a lot. At the 2007 plone conference (half a year ago or so) we just got our 200th provider. So 55 more companies listed themselves. Those 1186 sites is what freaks me out, though :-) Thanks for everyone that lists their plone sites there. Prospective customers can get a real good impression of plone. For instance, sorted by provider , industry or country  . What more do you want when investigating whether to get yourself a plone website or not?

If you want to list yourself as a provider, just log in to the site with your username, read the short guidelines and submit yourself and your sites. Welcome!

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