Strange osx plone craches: external c libsΒΆ

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Writing it down so I don't forget it the next time I encounter it on my own laptop or a colleagues' laptop. Sometimes plone (or rather the zope process) crashes and gives you an OSX crash report. So: no python tracebacks, but an osx dialog.

If you see something like this, the cause is not in python code, but in some c library. Last week a colleague's laptop crashed because of some wrong sqlite library. I've seen it barf on a mysql lib, too.

Hard to figure out what's happening as you don't have any "nice" python traceback. If you look hard at the details provided by the osx dialog, you can often identify a likely culprit if you keep in mind that you have to look at some c library that your code interacts with (some in my case). It does make you very appreciative of python as there's a whole class of programming problems that we don't have. logo

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