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When you're working at the EU parliament, you apparently can only open microsoft word documents. When an EU citizen sends you an ISO ODF (more or less "open office") document, you cannot read it. And, the other way around, if as a citizen you want to watch the live streaming of the EU parliament sessions, you'll need microsoft's media player for it.

Wow, that's a pretty hefty lock-in. Despite many parliament decisions being in favor of openness (for instance for railway security systems). So there's now a petition , started by parliament members, for more openness. They're using a plone site for it, btw.

open parliament

A good summary is at the ZEA partners website .

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"PPCS" by on 2008-05-08 16:57:56
That's what I call PPCS : Private Public Civil Service. We have tons of those in Canada. In my own province, one is required to have IE to gain access to the government air photo database. But hey, *everybody* is on windows anyways ;-) logo

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