Quick intermediary grokkerdam sprint roundupΒΆ

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  • Grok now uses the same list of versions as zope's KGS.
  • zc.sourcerelease seems to work now: you can create a tarball from a buildout config file. The tarball contains all the downloaded sub-tarballs and eggs. No more downloads from loads of locations.
  • Grokproject can now be run from paster. And it has become smaller.
  • Documentation cleanup. Looked at possible grok website improvements (including some mails to the list). A couple of new volunteers for the website!
  • five.grok has tests now that demonstrates that it works.
  • The url() method can be passed a dict that results in GET parameters at the end of the URL. With the accompanying documentation in multiple places.
  • Several how-to's added.
  • grok.traversable takes care of a common coding pattern. It allows you to mark attributes and methods as traversable. So http://myobject/something will call the something() method on your object (once you configured it that way with a grok.traversable("something") directive).


  • Grok's kss support improved (drag/drop, client actions, etc). And design decisions were made (sprints are great for getting everyone on the same track). Documentation is in a way better shape, as is kss itself.
  • Not really grok-related, but Christian Theune finalized some bits and pieces on zeoraid : well-working sync for zeo servers! Sounds great.
  • There'll be a zope.sqlalchemy package: that will just include low-level transaction integration. All the policy decisions that are now in all five different sqlalchemy integration packages can/will be build on top of zope.sqlalchemy. Great: unification in that area.
  • The docgrok tool (build on top of sphinx) is finally merged.
  • grokcore.component 1.0 is released. While writing documentation, Philipp found out a bug in grok which opened up other caves and cans of works. It is all fixed now :-)
  • Guido Wesdorp talked a lot for two days :-)
  • Permissions and roles work. Especially documentation needs/needed to happen: both the desired situation and the current situation.
  • Tests for sql are apparently hard to set up. There's now some test setup with plain sqlalchemy, so without zope stuff in it.
  • Buildout and virtualenv. Sometimes the buildout-based setup still fails because of interactions with system packages. Virtualenv might help here. There's work being done to check if it can be remedied.
(Old imported comments)
""Permisions and roles work"" by http://janwijbrand.myopenid.com/ on 2008-05-03 09:24:22
Just a minor note: defining and using permissions (and roles) do work in Grok for a quite a while already. It is now that you can, in your grok-based code, refer to the permission *class* itself instead of just its name (or rather its id) which makes requiring permissions a tad more convenient.

Thanks for the write-up!
"You're probably right" by reinout on 2008-05-02 16:44:36
A couple were added, you're right :-)
""Has tests"" by http://regebro.wordpress.com/ on 2008-05-02 16:19:24
You mean "has more tests". There was at least three-four tests there when I was done. :)
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