Some presentations at the end of the second grokkerdam sprint dayΒΆ

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Christian Theune - Pagelets

Normally, a layout template calls a provider that renders some template inside it. A pagelet is a template that instead "wraps" a layout template around it.

The pagelet is effectively defined (in zcml) as both a view and a content provider. It registeres one template as the "inner" template and another template as the "outer" layout template. The outer layout view on the pagelet looks up itself as a provider again in that layout template. So there's some going around in circles that's hard to get your head around (until you understand it, according to Chrisian).

In plone's context, it would be a different implementation of the "content" macro in the main_template.

Jean-Paul Ladage and Godefroid Chapelle - KSS and grok

Godefroid already did most of the kss-in-grok work. You'll have to add megrok.kss to your buildout to get the kss goodies. Add some KSS stuff to your html header and you're set.


Jean-Paul managed to get KSS working on views instead of only on contexts, something Godefroid was real happy with as he wanted to get that working for quite some time.

Apart from some demo effect breakage, everything is apparently working like a charm (client actions, server interaction, drag/drop, etc.) logo

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