Five years of bloggingΒΆ

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It is now slightly more than five years since my first blog post here on . 14 April 2003 . That's at least what my current blog software shows. I know I had some other items on an earlier website that was running on my university workstation, but I won't count that.

Nowadays the topic is mostly plone and some personal things (like video's of model railway shows). The plone stuff shows up on, I filter out the rest. So if you're reading my weblog through you're missing (or not... :-) ) something.

The best feedback I got: my conference and sprint summaries. I'm apparently able to provide good accurate summaries in a ridiculously short turnaround (=practically live) time. Time to hone that skill in the next few days when I'm attending the grokkerdam sprint, though my brother Maurits is already doing that, so I might wanna try my hand at some limited video blogging instead :-)

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