Command line historyΒΆ

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Command line history turned up a few times in my feedreader this morning. Here's mine:

$ history|awk {a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}} |sort -rn|head
102 svn
85 cd
31 emacs
30 l
19 less
19 instancemanager
19 bin/supervisorctl
15 cp
14 timelog
13 bin/supervisord

"l" is of course some "ls" alias. "instancemanager" is there in favour of my now-regular "bin/buildout" as I was working in some older project on friday. "timelog" is my commandline version of gtimelog . And supervisord is an app that starts multiple programs at once and manages them (a zeo server, a zope instance via paste and varnish in my case, I worked on a new website this weekend).

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