Plone and revolution (a response)ΒΆ

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I write this entry in response to Malthe's the revolution that would be televised . I looked up that quote (it sounded familiar): The revolution will not be televised; the revolution will be live.

I think the revolution in plone is already happening. The new plone pieces are all eggified python or zope3 packages with a minimum of zope2. To my eyed, it is, at least. Many add-ons (look at quills for instance) are splitting themselves up in multiple reusable eggs. Soon there'll be just a old zope2 core left, ripe to be finally moved, too.

Malthe's revolution sounds suspiciously like a revolution-gone-wild: the current revolution isn't revolutionary enough. The revolution gets us solid results. Read Paul and Martin's comments on Malthe's original entry for some extra input.

The revolution is live. It is already under steam. That's how I'd say it when you're quoting revolution :-)

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