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Carlos de la Guardia looks at python web projects: do they eat their own dogfood by running their main website on their own software? Like runs on plone. Or did they pick something else when that was better suited to the specific task? Like the great new grok website that runs on plone.

Another way of looking at it: do individual developers (instead of projects) eat "their" dogfood? I'm definitively eating my own dogfood: I program with plone and my website runs plone. The weblog is Quills, which I also contributed to.

Especially when you only run a weblog, a ready-made blogging tool (wordpress for instance) seems to be the "the right tool for the right job" choice. For many plone developers. MrTopf also recommends it in his marketing plone the web 2.0 way presentation.

So: different perspectives. Eating my own dogfood suits me fine. For customer projects, we switched from instancemanager to buildout. So I experimented with it first when I switched my site to plone 3.0. Synergy between work and private :-)

I want to close with a great quote from Carlos' article: a Frankenstein old Plone setup.

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