I am legend: trailer doesn’t match at all

Tags: personal

Together with Annie, I watched I am legend in the movie theater last night. I've never felt so cheated by a movie trailer before: nothing told me it was largely a movie about zombies.

A well-done movie. A technically good movie. A New York is nice when overgrown movie. A Will Smith acts well movie. A wonderfully depicted relation with his dog movie. A horror zombie movie.

Nothing wrong with a horror movie on a friday night while I'm ironing the laundry. Quite a lot wrong with a horror movie if you expect an action movie in a weird setting with some what-has-happened-here suspense. Especially when you're going out with your wife. Next time, I'll do a little more googling before going to such movies. Next ones on our list: Elisabeth: the golden age and, if it is still around, the golden compass.

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