collective.realestatebroker 2.0 final releasedΒΆ

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Just a quick note that I've just released the 2.0 final version of realestatebroker, hurray! It is a complete rewrite for plone 3.0 of the 1.0 version and works pretty well. I'm happy with it.

Panorama of Rotterdam central station at night

We (Zest software) made the original version for a local realestate broker and the new 2.0 also has them as the first customer. Look and behold (note that for the older houses quite a lot of the google map locations and the floor plans haven't been added yet).

Yep, happy :-)


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"KSS" by on 2008-01-13 01:19:37
I have looked at your customer site. Looks very nice.

I am happy to see you use KSS. I'd be happy to hear about your dev experience with KSS logo

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