Shiny new macbook: greatΒΆ

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I got a new MacBook last week (thanks, boss !). I'm very happy with it:

  • The speed, oh, the speed! The 2.5 year old powerbook pro (G4) started to show not so much its age but more especially the rightness of apple's decision to switch from power processors to intel processors. Starting/stopping zope instances is way more speedier now. Running tests too. And making an occasional movie.
  • It has the 10.5 OS, Leopard. They just have to name the next one Leopard II as they've had the Panther and Tiger already... The leopard main battle tank might not be as well-known in the USA as in Europe, but everyone I've heard till now uses the German pronounciation :-) Leopard-the-OS is great, especially the improvements in spotlight. That's actually usable and useful now. I also enjoy the improvements in iMovie.
  • The one thing I missed on the mac is now available in a usable form: the gimp. I mean the version at wilber loves apple . Grab a newer version of the x server that OSX uses from sourceforge (yes, the official OSX-used Xwindows version is on sourceforge); download the wilber-loves-apple package; install; be happy.
  • The MacBook is noticably lighter than the old powerbook pro. And it has a better battery life (important for me as I blog a lot at conferences :-) ).

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"thanks Reinout!" by on 2007-12-21 18:03:16
i'm on a shiny new macbook too now.. thanks for pointing me out towards wilber loves gimp.. i'll give it a try.. :)

and happy new year from Italy!!!!! logo

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