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I just got a request to list the tools I used for that latest screencast that I made. (Well, latest... Practically the first, too). So here's a quick list for the mac. It mostly mimics what Sean Kelly wrote a while ago , btw.

  • iShowU for recording your screen. 20 dollars, works pretty well.
  • Mousepose for highlighting part of the screen and for showing what you type. 15 dollars.
  • Apple's keynote for making the sheets (titles, bullet points, etc.). Exportable as jpg and importable in ...
  • Apple's iMovie. Especially the latest version. Add the images from keyknote, add the iSHowU-recorded movie(s) and make a good movie out of it.

Something I haven't used yet but which I'm going to try next time (as mentioned by Sean): apple's garageband for tweaking my recorded voice. Just mentioning it.

A 22 second video showing iShowU and Mousepose :


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"Avoiding horrific iMovie import/export times" by on 2007-12-21 16:25:12
Hi Reinout, nice post. I was really intrigued by using the latest iMovie for doing my screencasts. I like the new video browsing idea, just doing it with your cursor.

However, I found that using iMovie imposed a huge penalty on importing my media and generating the thumbnails, and again on export. It just seemed to take forever. I couldn't find any settings for iShowU (Cinepak, Pixlet, Sorenson, H.264) that seemed to make much impact on import times. And I guess for export, you just have to live with it.

What settings do you use, and about how long does it take to import 5 minutes of clips, then export them?

BTW, on Safari 3, there seems to be an infinite loop on loading CSS or JS on this page. My status bar now says it has loaded 1143 of 1145 items. And it's still going up. [wink] logo

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