Plone realestatebroker screencast, try number twoΒΆ

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Plone realestatebroker product overview

Ouch, my last attempt at a youtube video where I showed realestatebroker was an unmitigated disaster: the video quality was extremely poor.

I think I did it a bit better this time. Some of the points I improved:

  • When making a movie of clicking around in the browser (with iShowU), do it in 320x240, just like youtube's size. If you scale, it won't be readable anymore.
  • Adding a voice-over, explaining what happens. Luckily we've got a good microphone at the office, I was quite pleased with the sound (an earlier attempt was done with the build-in mic).
  • Making a presentation in Keynote, using that as a framework. I didn't add any effects, but just exported the plain slides (again in 320x240) as images. Import the whole lot into imovie and add small movie snippets with browser interaction.

Well, feedback welcome! (If you're commenting on my weblog, you'll need an openID, otherwise email me).

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