Realestatebroker and ploneflashuploadΒΆ

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Jon Stahl wrote Go Reinout! PloneFlashUpload for Plone 3.0 which is of course accepted with thanks :-) Well, I basically "just got it working" for 3.0. A few template changes, some import fixes. But, yeah, thanks :-)


There's a TODO.txt in the trunk with some things that need doing for better integration, like genericsetup. For those interested, I worked on this as we (=zest software ) need it for RealEstateBroker, a product we're bringing to plone 3.0 from, sigh, 2.0. So: basically a rewrite. We're using PloneFlashUpload and also plone Maps for it. I've made a quick and dirty screencast that shows mainly ploneflashupload. Remember: we're working on it and it isn't polished yet. logo

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