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When updating to plone 3.0, I did not yet include an updated layout product. I wanted to do that one from scratch. Last weekend I found the time to have a first go at the layout; today I updated my server. Rough edges here and there, but at least it doesn't look like standard plone. Some random comments:

Layout product
For the layout I used the latest ZopeSkel one for paster: the plone3_theme. I did it as a lib/python package instead of a Products/... product. No problems there as I use buildout.
Following a tip by spliter, I didn't use the stylesheet directory inside browser/, but put it in skins/, just like in the old days. That way I can use dtml, which I like to keep a few variables in check. I dislike having to put #34a7c2 in my css files. I just can't see what color that is. Putting & dtml-secondaryColor; is much more clear in my book. Never mind that there's been a "dtml will be deprecated for css" message for over 4 years or so :-)
The main_template uses viewlet managers and viewlets now instead of a mountain-like pile of interlocking templates and macros. Much cleaner for the integrator and developer. With the @@manage-viewlets template, the TTW part also functions as a charm. Hiding a viewlet (the personal bar in my case) is just a click away. That's much better than delving deep in those templates and customizing them. A quick click in portal_setup gave me a viewlets.xml to put into my layout package's genericsetup directory, so my TTW and my filesystem bits rejoiced in unison.
Next steps
I'm sure I've messed up the lists somehow. Gotta fix that. And I want something extra in the header: that'll be a custom viewlet. And I want to add some viewlet love to quills' (the weblog) templates. Last night I fixed up the regular template so that in-place editing works on a single weblog entry. More to come!

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