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Sunday's sprint wrapup! A nice day of sprinting. Everyone was busy, including all the new first-time sprinters. We had a great round of pastis before the wrapup thanks to AtReal :-) I really enjoyed the Good Stuff :-)

zodb benchmarking
Made some observations. Tried adding lots of simple objects in various batch sizes to get good metrics. Increasing the batch size made it detoriate exponentially. If you stay with a memory-only zodb you can get literally millions of insertions per minute. They suspected a big influence of the mac disk that they did the test on. They're going to continue tomorrow with plone content types, concurrent commits, etc. It also turned out that it is important to pack your Data.fs., as after adding 200k of objects some 30 percent of the database size was taken up with transaction info.
plone survey
Smallest team, 2.5 person. They can have both a 2.5 and 3.0 release out tomorrow. They're still working on KSS stuff to make it more usable, though. Fun to work on. Did a lot of internationalization work.
New buildout. Refactoring. Tilecache enable now, really fast now compared to what it is now. New demo creation on the way.
jquery problems: bugs in the jquery demo code. jQuery events started (success). "Back" button works better now. They tried working on "push" and have a working demo: it really worked, though I don't know how they managed it. Great great stuff.
Translation group
Lots of stuff working. Most of the fields. Hope to have most of it working tomorrow.
Bad day. Fighting the stack, including zopetestcase. Ported code to collective.lead (great as it is in Martin's book).
AT rest
Didn't get finished. Saw how to do it. Great help from Ramon: checked in tonight. Also fighting against the stack.
Completely converted to genericsetup. Got two bugs fixed. Got some 40 tests added, so ready for tomorrow's refactoring. Added some screencasts: they're going to market the hell out of this puppy.
KSS part 2
They've added Django support to kss! Within one day. (Big applause)
workflow tests
They've found out a lot of bugs in the basic product. Worked a lot on tests. Got them running. Now testing workflows is way easier. (Note to self
State workflow and activity workflow. Trying to switch between the two. Lots of work, but good to have the current results.
Functional tests
They have two new scenarios for generic reusable testing. And they now have a tutorial. Improved comments. Code cleanup. Buildout for selenium.
Less work for customizers needed, just override the adapter. Should make it easier. Functional tests have been greatly improved. Fixed some basic datetime tests. Polishing of the user interface.
New themes
ZopeSkel was fixed for windows. They worked on concrete designs and Spliter demoed them. They had a great working day. They thought the new guys to create good non-messy themes. And they created documentation for this. They even have disability support guys. The examples are at openplans , for example capri theme , napoli mock . Spliter seems to be doing a hell of a job of shepherding everyone towards good designs. One comment: document your CSS files lavishly with comments, they are filtered out by portal_css.
They were stripped down to 2 people today and went over the generic concepts, which turned out to be a good idea. They coded some and can add comments programmatically. They also use parts of easycommenting for KSS and templates. Nothing is really finished, but they have a good foundation. Tomster is looking forward to continuing with this.
It works. Plone 3.0 compatible, trunk is now safe again. Improvements to the generated tests.
Navigation tree improvements, for instance the whole active section now has a background. The livesearch has great css now. There's also good multi-resolution support, too, so it degrades quite gracefully. When changing position due to resizing of the window, the colors of for instance the calender portlet change. Wild applause because of that feature. Looked like the darkest magic that you can imagine. :-)
Continued with the tests and got most of the audio tests fixed. Audio was released today, Rocky released the video later this day. More translations added, the framework is ready for more translations. The p4a openplans page details the translation mechanism. Calendering added a nice day view, tomorrow they hope to improve the week view. Tomorrow they hope to get it over to plone4artists for a release. Something usable is on the horizon!
Extreme management
We worked on moving portlets to plone 3 portlets. Worked on the workflow (generic setup). Some KSS added for body texts and descriptions. Tried to get macros to work with KSS, but started to work on viewlets instead as that works better. Worked on splitting out bookings into a separate product, that'll be soon into the collective. Reusable for others!
blobfile support
They got conversion of regular files to blobs working. Demo failed as safari crashed :-) He assured it worked :-)
Schema extender
Lots of doc improvements in the doctest. Looks like excellent documentation. There's an additional adapter for modifying existing schemas. I questioned the difference with generic ISchema overriding: they answer was that this product allows you to plug those schema modifications in. No conflicts. Multiple products can do it at the same time.

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