Saturday ploneconf sprint updateΒΆ

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A real quick writeup of a real quick "what did we do today" session where everyone presented what they did. (Hard to write down so quickly, aargh! Probably made a few mistakes.)

Cleanup of tests, new translations, more genericsetup. Excellent way to get everyone
New tutorial which reflects plone 3.0-style development. People worked on resurrecting the event-push system. jQuery work. Django integration for kss: a new framework that they support.
Fixed copy/paste bug. New buildout recipe that makes it easier to set up. Lots of discussion about catalog integration. Better ideas about metadata fetching.
extreme management
Exchanged information about how we all handle projects in different organizations. Figuring out how to handle both. Slowly getting there code-wise. Backporting a KSS experiment to trunk. Looked at
User documentation. A new buildout. Work on a new demo product. Work on layers.
Some success, some snags. A big timezone bug bit them again, but they made good progress. They can now tag an alpha, mostly due to their remote sprinter.
Polishing, bugfixing, finding a bug in archetypes itself (and fixing it). Documentation is now much better. Probably archgenxml works nice for 3.0 tomorrow. Ideas about breaking the dependency on archetypes.
Functional testing framework
Documentation update. Debugging code improved. Additional component for search testing. Started a buildout for selenium integration.
New themes for plone
Mostly setup today, making sure everyone the whole big team got set up. Worked out what should be handled in a theme. Their new theme has as a code name.
Team of four, two architects, two coders. Figuring out how to handle comment spam filtering. New project page on openplans. They made a buildout for plone.commenting. They have their first tests running.
Tagging products for a 1.0 release. Fixing the last bugs and getting everything ready. Started on the translations. Working on plone 3.0 support. Work on blobfile support with especially nice handling for plone. The calender team has 10 bugs that need ironing out, 4 of them are done now. And they added a 1-minute screencast. They hope to get more of them done.
Work was done especially on Trying to tie into user objects. Adapter experiments and teaching people stuff.
Project name that I missed
Just getting started. Had lunch.
Blobfile support
Figuring how to best integrate it without breaking things. Did groundwork like adding a contenttype and a buildout. They hope to write migration scripts tomorrow morning for ATFile and ATImage. They idea is to add an add-on package for plone 3.0 which will hopefully end up in the next major release. When the 3.0 product is done, they plan a 2.5 product.
Trying to allow customization of translations through the web so that you can make small customizations.
Unittesting for workflows basically sucks. They tried to work with Matt Hamilton's (?) idea for using a .csv file for testing.
archetypes schema extender
It is now out of proof-of-concept. Seems to be really working. Improving the interface and expanding the doctest. Will be the way for schema subtyping.
They were too hungry to wait for this wrapup :-) Plonegov will merge the three projects that deal with openoffice integration. logo

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