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Rocky has a narrow classification of subtyping: allowing subclassification of an existing content type. An advantage is a delayed specification: you don't need to know exactly what you want to do with a more generic type ("I'm going to handle files, but I might want to do special things with them.")

You could for example let a content type have a different identity based on the situation. An *.ogg file could be just audio, but also video+audio. He's made p4a.subtyper, a minimal framework for dealing with this. It hooks up subtypes into the content menu (in a special "sub-types" menu next to the "actions" and "state" menu). A simple demo is at plone4artists .

p4a.subtyper allows you to specify an interface for the new subtype and hook it up with a custom view. There's a special ISubtypeAdded/ISubtypeRemoved event that is fired when you (description by Reinout:) "tag a basic type with a subtype".

Extra info at .

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