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With standard plone, you can put newsitems in a folder and treat it as a blog. That works pretty well. Quills adds a better archive display method, remote editing, etc. That's the status for 1.6, which will be released fairly soon. 2.0 will be a good plone citizen without any custom content types.

There are several external blog editors, most of them support the metaweblog API which quills also supports.

For commenting, we want to look at easycommenting. Comments can be stored in an annotation. Or somewhere global with plone.relations to tie it all together.

A problem with quills is the product page on as it is not clear which version you ought to use. Tom acknowledges that as a known problem. We probably ought to finalize 1.6.1 and market that as the definitive version till 2.0 comes around.

Vice is intended to be a zope3 syndication solution. They're close to a beta release.

At the upcoming sprint there'll also be work on the spam filtering of comments.

The new 2.0 quills' usecase will be to configure generic packages into a blog solution for plone. Quite a number of those generic packages are being extracted from Quills at the moment.

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