Moving to plone 3.0ΒΆ

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I'm off to the plone conference tomorrow morning. A wishlist item I've had for a while was to migrate my website before the start of the conference.

I finally managed: not without some difficulty. It is an old site and it went through quite a number of migrations. Some of them being non-released svn versions. But I was still amazed at the errors I got when attempting migration. I mean, if you can't even get into the ZMI...

Eventual solution: move the parts I wanted to salvage to a "to_copy" folder and make a .zexp of it and import it in a fresh plone 3.0 site. With a bit of care, as you normally need the same products at both ends of the .zexp. An intermediary 2.5 plone site solved that.

I took the opportunity to remove most of the add-on products (except linguaplone and quills), so the site is fresh! It is also missing some bits and pieces here and there (like images and some external html content), which I'll sort out at leisure after the conference :-)

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