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For the 2007 plone conference, I've just added a flickr group: . At the Sorrento sprint, the flickr group was big and there was a huge overlap with the tag "sorrentosprint2007". So:

  • There's now a max of 3 photos per member per day on the group. Just the best ought to go in there.
  • Tag the rest of your photos with "ploneconf2007" and we'll still be able to see them all.

(Mentioning it here before we end up with 5 separate groups... :-) )

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"Use the tag for that" by reinout on 2007-09-28 07:12:32
Everyone'll already be using some tag (probably 'ploneconf2007' if you look at previous tags). Clicking on that tag gets you all photos. If you could also get all photos from the group page, what's the difference? In Sorrento you could get 90% of the photos on the group page and the remaining 10% (plus the 90) with the tags.

With the limit, my aim was to make the group page more interesting. 20 photographers * 3 photos is still 60 photos per day :-). If you disagree: you're of course free to add another group :-)
"Why the limit?" by Christian Scholz on 2007-09-26 13:13:26
I mean, why not just let people post away? The more the better I'd think esp. for such a timely limited group. logo

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