Registering skins in lib/python plone 3.0 productsΒΆ

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I assume this approach only works for plone 3.0 as that runs on a nice recent zope 2.10 release and has a recent enough CMF. At least, that's mostly my experience: you'll need pretty new stuff to get the most out of genericsetup and so.

So: you've made a product and you've done it in lib/python instead of Products. There's got to be a way to register a skin directory without filling your product's with lots of registration code. I found the solution in

In your configure.zcml, add the cmf namespace and a registerDirectory directive. I'm doing it for the plonehrm.jobperformance (not fully released yet) product:

  <cmf:registerDirectory name="jobperformance"/>

The only remaining thing is to add a skins.xml in your profiles/default directory:

<object name="portal_skins">
 <object name="jobperformance" meta_type="Filesystem Directory View"
 <skin-path name="*">
  <layer name="jobperformance" insert-after="custom"/>

That ought to do it! logo

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