Harry Potter 7 is quite good (no spoilers, btw)ΒΆ

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Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows is the seventh and last in the Harry Potter series. It took me three days to finish it, but I have a son's birthday (spread out over 2 days) as an excuse for the time it took me :-)

I like the book. Quite a lot of things are happening. There are more static parts, but the whole story is full of climaxes. There's not just one climax that the whole book works towards, there are multiple. It makes the book fast-paced.

If there's a drawback to the book: I get the feeling I'd best read all 6 previous books again, followed by part 7, to refresh my memory about all the things that are referred to in part 7. Now it makes me feel forgetful if I don't get all the backreferences right away. A second drawback is that the reasons why some things work out and others don't are sometimes a bit hard to follow upon a first read.

With all the hindsight info from part 7, reading 1-6 a second time will have its own special charm. That's real good about this series. The closing book is definitively not a let-down. Both as a book in itself and as the close of the series.

I did quite good in my predictions. I posted them here a few weeks ago so as to have a record that proves it were really predictions made beforehand. Don't follow the next link if you don't want partial spoilers (as those predictions were quite ok): predictions .

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