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In July, the last of the 7 Harry Potter books will see the light of day. Whether that is a blood red day because all filthy halfbloods have been murdered or a bright and sunny day as all major characters survived and all the bad guys/galls repented and got pardoned...

After reading the book, everyone's going to say "I always knew it would end this way". So I'm putting my predictions in writing beforehand :-)

  • If she followes the line of the previous books, everything is going to continue to go darker and fouler all the time. So Voldemort ought to win and Harry potter ought to end up as the main dish. I do, however, predict that Harry (and his two closest friends) will survive.
  • I really liked "Dumbledore's army". Those youngsters seemed to succeed quite well in holding their own agains some of the better of Voldemort's troops. They'll have a job to do in this book and they'll be quite a pain in Voldemort's backside.
  • Prediction: Snape will be the hero after all. Hard to figure out with all the possible treason and possible counter-treason going on around him. Snape is one of the best wizards available. Dumbledore trusted him for a reason.
  • I think we'll see a quite nice double effect from the twins. On the one side they'll provide a lot of comic relief. On the other side, they'll really be the arsenal of Dumbledore's army. They've practically already mechanised wizard warfare. You can now perform magical feats you couldn't otherwise do by buying them. Especially protection (=armour) against powerful spells. Now if they could only get Voldemort to eat that special cake that would turn him into a nice cuddly pink rabbit with green ears...

There, I've said it. Now it is up to reality to prove me wrong :-)

While I'm at it, let me link again to a great collection of Harry Potter drawings . If you liked the books, browse through them. logo

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