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I'm doing most of the reviewing of new content on In the beginning (half a year ago or so) that was an easy task, just 3 or 4 new sites per week. In the recent weeks, it seems like 3 or 4 sites get added per day. I didn't look at the site for half a week and just this afternoon I had a massive 25 items to go through!

Thanks be to all the companies that are adding themselves and their sites to It is currently absolutely the best source for plone sites and companies. It also says a lot about plone's healthy ecosystem.

211 providers worldwide. Lots of choice. You're not tied to one vendor. And a sizable portion of these companies regularly work together at sprints, so they know how to cooperate.

615 sites, which I'm sure is just the tip of the iceberg. Many companies haven't yet listed all their sites, just the best ones or the most recent ones. Quite nice to browse the list of sites and see what you can do with plone, also layout-wise.

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