GSOC: archgenxml/genesisΒΆ

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I'm mentoring Vidar Svansson for the Google summer of code. He's going to look at "genesis" again. Genesis is the name we use for a rewrite-archgenxml-from-scratch effort that hasn't gotten off the ground yet. One sprint, in which we selected coral as the underlying UML library, that's it. No real work done since.

Vidar's going to take a fresh look at it from a research perspective: he's doing it for his MSc thesis.

The gsoc is supposed to start next week, but Vidar has already started. Mostly reading up on zope3 and grok, trying to install coral and going to a code generation conference. I asked him a few days ago if he planned to be finished before the project started :-)

Coral is a pain to install. It is possible on linux if you use a pre-made rpm. Compiling on a mac: forget it. There's no public svn repository, so you have to use the tgz and figure out the changes since the last versions yourself. It sounds a bit risky.

At the conference, he discovered some new eclipse-based tool that looked OK to him, so he'll try things out with it. He says he'll be able to generate code for a simple case in a week or so...

End results that he/we aims for? A combination of actual code and scientific research. A theory on how to best model a plone web application. Code that shows it can be done :-) logo

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