Sprint summary on sunday nightΒΆ

Tags: sorrentosprint2007, plone, cachefu

Vincenzo: plone 3.0 ships with a new workflow. They've worked on the workflow transitions, also they fixed most of the tests.

Balasz: KSS! "Thanks to everyone who participated." This was a much bigger success than he hoped for, as a large amount of issues has been solved. Another improvement: browser-based tests with selenium. They instituted a policy at this sprint to add selenium tests for every issue that they tried to fix.

A bummer for him is that Kupu broke IE support. Kupu also uses the sarissa javascript library, but modify something in it... but keep the name. So KSS breaks. Grrrr.

Nate: plone4artists. They focused mostly on the audio product, they barely touched the video product. They did add the possibility to add a regular ATLink to a youtube video to your site which is then transformed in to a nice view. Load of extra tests. Also added: searching via the catalog for artists, track names, etc. Internationalisation (Japanese, Portuguese). Metadata you add to your audio contenttype ends up in the mp3 itself. And Jonathan made a great screencast.

Stefan: xml export/import. Work on exporting of references: they now simply pickle the references (tip from Daniel). They have some tests for importing, but it hasn't been implemented yet.

Anton: they looked at file/image widgets for formlib. They originally looked at p4a's audio/video, but made it more generic afterwards.

Rob: genericsetup and remember. Work started at the BBQ sprint was continued. Adding metadata (like versions) to genericsetup data, working towards supporting upgrading and migration steps and so. Some 75% seems finished. Membrane/remember had a problem: it always assumed that a content object contained the authentication data. This works OK unless you want to use LDAP or so. So this assumption had to be removed: they didn't actually get very far with this.

Kapil: he basically worked solo and continually helped other people. He himself did some work on plonecommerce, for which he needed something quick and very simple to attach some properties to a member (see friday's summary ). He's got it mostly working.

Reinout: cachefu. Getting the tests to run on both 2.5 and 3.0. Finalising the genericsetup support and adding unittests for it. Also a lot of code research, looking at zope 3, lovely.viewcache , getting great ideas from wiggy, philikon and optilude.


Belgian Bug Busters: loads of bug fixing! Often a lot of bugs were hiding behind an original one.

Ramon and Alec fixed security issues for the last two days.

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