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First Rocky about plone4artists. They've actually been tracking progress on openplans.org. A group has been working on a formlib widget for uploading files. There was an existing widget, but that didn't cut it. Nice: Jonathan has made a new screencast that'll be put online later in the day. I saw it and it shows off the capabilities pretty well. Of course a lot of bugfixing.

I asked: at least 8 or 9 people are working on plone4artists. They've got more functional tests (all testbrowser tests). Folders now show an mp3 track listing for the mp3 files inside it. For the rest, they've looked at quite a number of things, but haven't really delved into it. Well, Rocky is very pleased about the progress. A beta for the audio part seems possible, but an alpha for the video part is doubtful, as everyone has been focusing on the audio part.

Sorrento sprinters panorama

This sprint will make Rocky famous, as he's now got his own mp3 recording: the demo test file for the functional tests :-)

Kapil's member stuff

Kapil wants to have a very easy way to attach some properties to member objects. The properties are attached to members with a bit of zcml and a zope3 schema. Under the hood, a PAS plugin takes care of storing the data.

The difference with remember/membrane: it is simpler, but the members are regular plone members, not content objects: so no workflow. The code of ore.member is available in svn .

David Convent - export and import of content with genericsetup

He fixed some plone 3 bugs with Daniel. The ordering of contenttypes and action providers was off some.

For the rest he worked with Stefan and Ramon on import and export of content in plone. XMLforest and gsxml were the candidates and gsxml was the one they picked. Gsxml missed references, so they tried to add that. For that, they needed to touch marshall. The unittests of marshall weren't running and they tried to fix that.

After a while, Kapil showed them another generic setup based import/export product that handled references, but that also had limitations. In the end, they're using zexp/pickles to export the references folder, which seems to work (magically).

They believe they've got all the necessary parts, now all that's left to do is assemble them :-)

One very very very very handy tool they discovered is ipython for doing an interactive python session. I mentioned clouseau (the great in-python interactive javascript-enabled python shell) to Stefan and he said he used it until he found ipython and never touched clouseau afterwards. You need a special zope profile that Stefan will put online real soon or I'll have his hide. Interactive editing, tab completion. A traceback shows not only the line itself, but shows the line in context (2 lines before and after the offending line). not only the final line where it fails, but it does it for every line in the traceback.

Something they wanted me to write down: if you install python on the mac using darwinports, you get a buserror when using libxml2.

Alec Mitchell

Mostly walking around making sure that people who are fixing bugs know what exactly needs fixing and helping them getting started. Also he's working a bit on a relationship product that he maintains. At the moment, he's fixing security holes in plone with Ramon.

Balasz Ree - KSS

When I sat next to him he was getting frustrated by templates and macros that need a global context. They at least often need more than is provided/detectable inside the macro itself.

KSS status: loads of bugfixing happened. There has especially been a load of testing to really verify the bugs were gone.

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