Instancemanager for your plone 3.0ΒΆ

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With all the recent ploneout and ploneenv explanations on how to set up plone 3.0, I'd thought it a good time to chip in with the news that instancemanager also works just fine with plone 3.0. Jean-Paul Ladage added a few lines of code recently that allows instancemanager to install stuff into your zope instance's lib/ directory.

Assumption: you've installed instancemanager and if needed, you've changed its config to suit your taste. After that, you only need to do instancemanager fresh plone30 and you're set. If needed it does an "svn checkout" of plone 3.0's sources. Here's the config:

  # If you've already got a checkout, adapt the location.
  symlinkbundle_sources = [
      {'source': 'plone30',
       'url': ''},
      {'source': 'plone30-lib',
       'url': '',
       'pylib': True},
  # Adapt the zope version to what you've got.
  zope_version = '2.10.2'
  port = 3000  # Adapt to your taste
  plone_site_name = 'plone'
  user = 'test'
  password = 'test'

Works pretty much like charm. As an addition, I'm thinking about adding an optional call to workingenv so that it would be easy to install eggs locally to that specific zope instance. Support for eggs is pretty much needed, so I guess it will happen pretty soon :-) logo

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